About Our Church

Keeping the Faith

Tucked away in the small east Pasco community, Blanton UMC remains untouched by time.  It's towering steeple stretches into  the sky, just as it did in 1906 when the church was the hub of activities for a flourishing community. The Pasco County Historical Preservation Committee has designated Blanton Church as a historical site.

The church has remained open through the years serving families, friends and neighbors in a warm and welcoming family atmosphere.  That same warm and welcoming atmosphere still exists today.  A new visitor never leaves the church on Sunday morning without feeling welcome and loved with the Holy Spirit in their heart.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Blanton United Methodist Church Is to present Christ in the community and provide a caring nurturing sanctuary for those seeking the Gospel.

Blanton United Methodist Church

17481  Spring Valley Road  Dade City,  Florida  33523